Technology Review: Motorola's Dumb Phone: "The phone's most distinctive feature is its screen, a high-contrast reflective display using a new technology invented at MIT. Commercialized by E Ink of Cambridge, MA, the display has been described as electronic paper. Like paper, it does not rely on a backlight, as in LCDs, or a constant supply of electricity, as in emissive displays based on organic light-emitting devices. Indeed, it uses no power to display an image--only to change the image on the screen. The image itself is composed of tiny spheres containing nanoscopic black and white particles."

Halloween Horror Nights in L.A.- Event Info

Gaming for the Broadband Era
"A new gaming company called Trion is aiming to develop the next "World of Warcraft" on steroids. For those who aren't familiar with Blizzard Entertainment's massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), some 7 million gamers around the world pay around $15 per month to play an online game in a virtual world."

Survey: One in 10 Watching TV Online - 10/25/2006 4:20:00 PM - Multichannel News: "A new survey said about one in 10 U.S. online consumers now watches television broadcasts online, mostly for convenience and to avoid commercials.

The Conference Board’s Consumer Internet Barometer survey of 10,000 households across the country said respondents mostly were still watching as much TV on the TV as they had been, despite adding some online viewing to the mix."

'Diddy' performs on the Today Show in New York, October 20, 2006. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)
Text messaging catches on in music business - Yahoo! News: "Once considered a service used only in Europe and Asia, text messaging is emerging as an important form of communication in the United States, with 40% of the nation's 220 million mobile phone users sending text messages regularly, according to research from NPD Group.

By comparison, about 21 percent of U.S. subscribers have downloaded a ringtone (although only about 10% can be considered 'active' downloaders), while about 9% have downloaded a mobile game.

According to CTIA-The Wireless Assn., U.S. subscribers sent close to 65 billion text messages through the first half of this year. That's about double the number sent in the first half of 2005." | TransSend Home: "TransSend is a unique product that enables Internet content such as addresses, phone numbers, event calendar, maps, and other text and images to be wirelessly transferred from a Bluetooth enabled PC to another mobile Bluetooth device such as a phone or PDA."

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Second Life Tour - Coolz0r - Marketing Thoughts
Once again someone else does the leg work. I'm just posting the link. Here is a bucket load of info on SECOND LIFE.

Retail Design Diva: In-Store Media: From Also-Ran to Front-And-Center

The best top-line of in-store media (including TV, radio and emerging platforms) I've seen. A very quick read. Worth the 33-1/3 seconds of your time.

Google Puts Lid on New Products - Los Angeles Times: "In another sign of Google Inc.'s growth from start-up to corporate behemoth, the company's top executives said Thursday that they had begun telling engineers to stop launching so many new services and instead focus on making existing ones work together better."

The seemingly neverending flow of new Web 2.0 apps is abating ... as could and should have been predicted. The NEXT WAVE ... and you can quote me on this ... is actually getting people to use the online services. (Honestly, when exactly was the last time you used Froogle™? Or even the *first* time you ever used it?!?)

Tellabs - Inspire the New Life: "Inspire the New Life
View Photos from Tellabs' House of Blues Event

One of the most demanding consumer groups is the echo boomers, the under-25 set. This group has been living an all-tech life since day one. And with every Tellabs product and solution, service providers Inspire this group to work — and play — with speed, reliability and choice. It’s a completely new way of living. A New Life."

Online gaming attracts more women than men: "women account for two-thirds of the growing number of people who are playing online games, according to Nielsen Interactive Entertainment's third annual Active Gamer Benchmark Study.

Nielsen's extensive survey of demographic, age and gender trends in the video game space found that as of August, about 117 million people in the U.S. qualified as 'active gamers,' meaning they spend at least one hour per week on a gaming device."

 Synchronica Scream Feature
New phone will scream if it's stolen - Yahoo! News: "ow if your mobile telephone is stolen, you can scream — and your phone can, too. A new service launched Monday is designed to deter mobile phone theft by equipping telephones with an ear-piercing scream. "