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Look friends, when the local cable companies started shooting commercials it didn't kill the agency business.

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Casio Exilim - YouTube Capture Mode

How "normal" is YouTube™-brand consumer video sharing? How "mass" is the online video audience? What MORE justification for taking the Internet seriously as a bona-fide MASS MEDIA channel in the US do we need?!?!

Casio's Exilim Digital Cameras with the new YouTube™ Capture Mode makes it easy to upload and share your videos publicly or privately.
Casio Exilim: Casio Advantage

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It’s Official: U.S. Social Networking Sites See Slow Down « Creative Capital

Crisis or temporary lull? The writer fails to acknowledge the growth of professional social sites like LinkedIn. Also missing is the growth of social media embedded into nearly ALL online "experiences." Obviously, I tilt toward seeing social media as a permanent fixture of the convergence, not a passing fad a la Second Life.

The total audience of U.S. social networks seems to be stuck at a low-to-mid-single digit growth rate, while the engagment metrics are falling for just about everyone. Time spent on has been sliced in half over the last four months, while Friendster’s time spent has plummeted nearly 75% in the same time period.
It’s Official: U.S. Social Networking Sites See Slow Down « Creative Capital

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More Consumers are Ordering Meals on Web - eMarketer

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The article cites a recent study that says 18% of all US restaurant orders will originate online in 2008. That's almost one in five, friends.

According to the article, ordering online is becoming increasingly popular for ordering lunch at work, where orders can be large and complicated.
More Consumers are Ordering Meals on Web - eMarketer

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Growth of gaming in 2007 far outpaces movies, music


We need to remind ourselves that we're all in the content business now. If we produce the content that consumers want, they will reward us with their purchases. I understand that this all sounds so abstract; but I wouldn't want to be living that "abstraction" in the music industry right now.

Both the movie and music industries should be jealous of gaming's 2007 growth. The motion picture industry saw modest growth in 2007, reporting a total box office take of $9.66 billion, a modest increase over 2006's $9.49 billion. Things aren't going as smoothly for the music industry. The RIAA has not yet released its 2007 report, but we did learn from the IFPI today that global music sales fell about 10 percent for the year.
Growth of gaming in 2007 far outpaces movies, music

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The Convergence for Media Nerds

Look friends, this convergence thing is getting to be very, very real. We all need to realize that the decisions we make this quarter will affect our collective ability to monetize our business in the coming quarters. (This same statement would have been measured in years before, but we're down to months. By the time we find ourselves weeks away from making integrated plans, it's too late.)

MediaPost Publications - Future Of TV Ad Market: A Lot Like Online's -- Ad Networks, Behavioral Targeting, Etc. - 01/24/2008
THE FUTURE OF TV ADVERTISING will probably be a lot like current state of the online advertising: aggregated advertising networks, behavioral targeting, and automated buying systems enabling small, "long-tail" advertisers to compete alongside the TV industry's biggest marketers and agencies. At least that's what a panel of TV industry executives blazing that path said Thursday during one of the final sessions of the Future TV conference in New York.

From MySpace to YourSpace - New York Times

Finally, we can point to the Web and say it's a mass medium. It's a reach medium. It's a frequency medium. It is a heavy medium.

The world’s largest social networking site, MySpace has grown far past being merely “a place for friends,” as its slogan states. With an estimated 110 million monthly active users, MySpace is undeniably a powerful tool for advertisers who seek reach and efficiency.
From MySpace to YourSpace - New York Times

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Garden & Gun

They're the Little Elves That Could - Advertising Age - Digital
Some 26.4 million people -- nearly one in 10 Americans -- this season visited the office-products company's holiday site that allows users to paste images of their faces onto dancing elves. That's up more than tenfold from last year, its first year in existence.

The Two-Thirds Rule? Check.

YouTube Continues To Grow Video Share - 01/18/2008
In November, more than 75% of U.S. Web users watched a video online--including both streaming video and progressive downloads--averaging 3.25 hours of video per person during the month, comScore reports.

A Cold Slap of Hard Facts


As Big Brands Embrace Digital, Digital's Branding Power Wanes - ClickZ
Much has been written about the eagerness of large brands to advertise online. Yet even as they increase their digital budgets, the Unilevers and Fords of the world are struggling to get their messages across.

That's because the branding effectiveness of online advertising has declined over the past two years by nearly every measure, according to data provided to ClickZ by Dynamic Logic. Explanations for the decline include the rise of ad clutter, the desensitization of Internet users to display ads and other causes.

Video Ads Planned for Grocery Carts


Video ads are planned for grocery carts - Yahoo! News
Microsoft Corp. is bringing digital advertising to the grocery cart. The software maker spent four years working with Plano, Texas-based MediaCart Holdings Inc. on a grocery cart-mounted console that helps shoppers find products in the store, then scan and pay for their items without waiting in the checkout line.

Ads coming to your cell phone - Jan. 15, 2008

Howard Luck Gossage famously wrote that nobody likes advertising. People like what interests them, and sometimes it's an ad. Could I possibly want to endure audio ads in exchange for free phone service? I'm queasy about this one.

Marketers are about to invade one of life's last advertising-free zones, the private phone call. At the end of last year, privately held Internet phone company Jangl started testing "in-call" advertising
Ads coming to your cell phone - Jan. 15, 2008

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On Texting, a Question of Access or Invasion - New York Times

Desperate to connect with the best players, college coaches have adopted text messaging with zeal, and some athletes have had enough. Beginning in August 2007, the N.C.A.A. banned Division I colleges from using text messaging to recruit athletes, citing complaints from students that the practice was driving up cellphone bills and intruding on personal time.
On Texting, a Question of Access or Invasion - New York Times

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Noontime Web Video Revitalizes Lunch at Desk - New York Times

The Web has become normal. It's not a niche medium. In fact, I prefer to call it a mass medium. Everybody uses it. We should accept and exploit it for every ounce of advantage we can muster.

In cubicles across the country, lunchtime has become the new prime time, as workers click aside their spreadsheets to watch videos on YouTube, news highlights on or other Web offerings.The trend — part of a broader phenomenon known as video snacking — is turning into a growth business for news and media companies, which are feeding the lunch crowd more fresh content.
Noontime Web Video Revitalizes Lunch at Desk - New York Times

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Instant VOD via The Internet ...

What was once a fantastic prediction of the "future convergence" is now a reality in millions of US households. Between Netflix and iTunes today - with Amazon, Blockbuster and many more to follow - it has become easy to choose any movie in a vast catalog stored completely online and fetch it at will.

Netflix Expands Internet Viewing Option - New York Times
Netflix is gearing up for the increased competition by expanding a year-old feature that streams movies over the Internet instead of making customers wait for their online rental requests to be delivered through the mail.

Wii-Like Game System Works With LCD TVs - Yahoo! News

PC World

"Software developer Reactrix Systems have unveiled a gaming system made for LCD TVs that mimics the Wii game console in that people punch in the air to hit a boxing opponent or swing their arms to return the ball in a game of volleyball."

Reactrix is well-known to us agency types for its projector systems in malls, airports and events. The underlying tech - that recognizes physical gestures and translates them into on-screen action - is licensed from GestureTek.

Wii-Like Game System Works With LCD TVs - Yahoo! News

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Widgets by Clearspring

Excellent widgets that finally begin to define how good widgets can be.

Subscription for Mobile Platform Metrics from m:metrics

M:Metrics MobiLens™
Comprehensive catalog of mobile content and pricing offered by US and European mobile operators on leading devices including portfolios of hundreds of publishers
Marketwide metrics on mobile media consumption, including detailed demographic profiles of mobile media consumers in the US and Europe
On mobile platforms
Detailed technology profiles of every handset in active use in the US and supported European geographies

File Under: Duh

Use of Video-Sharing Sites Soars in US - MarketingVOX
Nearly half of internet users have visited video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, and typical daily traffic to such sites nearly doubled from the end of 2006 to the end of 2007, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, MarketingCharts reports.


Notably, 70 percent of the highly coveted 18-29 year old demographic visit video sharing sites.

Found This On Seth Godin's Blog


Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 » techipedia | tamar weinberg
"I present you my favorite timeless posts of 2007, complete with descriptions about each blog post (which more than quadrupled the workload for me this time around, especially because I tripled the amount of links, but I had fun!)"

I suggest you bookmark it and keep going back for links to articles on every important trend that affects advertising agencies and advertisers.

The Content Revolution Continues

MediaPost Publications - Sony Runs Web-Only Penn Jillette Political Series - 01/10/2008
LOOKING TO keep pace with other Web sites offering original series, Crackle, the broad video entertainment content site of Sony Pictures Entertainment, says it will start a Web-only series, featuring Penn Jillette. The show, "Penn Says"--which will air at least four times a week--will be an unscripted political comedy series. Each episode will be one to three minutes in length, and created by Jillette, the talking half of the magic-comedy team Penn & Teller.

Shave Everywhere Redux

They've done it again. This is state-of-the-art interactive storytelling. And it sells the product while it lifts the brand.

Philips Norelco - Second Puberty