Walt Disney to Expand Cell-Phone Service

"Disney Mobile, will allow parents to control spending, Internet access and text messaging on their children's phones."

It also features GPS location service so parents can keep track of exactly where their kids are. At all times. (Creepy?)

Calling all cars, calling all cars--Prison Break is   making a run for your cell phones.
"Prison Break" Heads to Cells
"Fox announced Monday that it will produce a series of two-minute mobisodes--teeny TV episodes for mobile phones--that complement the plot of the hit save-my-brother-or-bust drama Prison Break.

The 26-installment serial, Prison Break: Proof of Innocence, introduces the character Amber McCall, who works feverishly to clear her friend L.J.--son of the wrongly convicted Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Pursell)--after L.J. is framed for murder. Webisode producers were allowed complete access to the show's location, filming many of the exterior shots at the deserted Illinois prison that stands in for Prison Break's Fox River State Penitentiary."

Nintendo's new video game console 'Wii, which it said is pronounced 'we' to emphasize that the console is for everyone. The console up until now has been known by its code-name 'Revolution.' (Nintendo Co. Ltd./Handout/Reuters)
Nintendo names new video game console "Wii"
"Nintendo Co. Ltd on Thursday said it has named its new video game console 'Wii, which it said is pronounced 'we' to emphasize that the console is for everyone."

I smell an 8-track coming on ...

Newspapers worldwide are testing e-devices
In my ongoing obsession with e-ink and e-paper for a variety of communications (in this case publishing, elsewhere for POS, packaging and OOH advertising), here is proof it's coming to market in a timely manner. To wit ...

"This month, De Tijd, a Belgian financial newspaper, started testing versions of electronic paper, a device with low- power digital screens embedded with "digital ink," millions of microscopic capsules the size of a human hair with organic material that display light or dark images in response to electrical charges."

Yahoo Unveils Software to Record TV Shows - Los Angeles Times: "Yahoo Inc. introduced software that lets people record television shows on their personal computers and use Yahoo services through their televisions.
A test version of Yahoo Go for TV is available at Yahoo's website. Its use requires that computers be equipped with a TV tuner circuit board and cables to connect to a television."

[ Promo Spot for MTV HD ]
In case you haven't seen this, [Tricia] thought [she]'d share this amazing spot recently done by Psyop for MTV HD. Psyop's exec producer, Justin Clibborn said:

"MTV asked us to "do our thing" and create a spot that would really push the limits of the format. They gave us their complete trust and support to come up with something very different and unexpected. What we gave them can best be described as a 'visual haiku,' a spot that is all the more detailed and effective because of its seeming minimalism."

Like iFilm, Google Video and YouTube, Revver is a video portal that asks consumers to upload their own content. Only with a twist ... Revver claims it will share 20% of your video's advertising revenue with you.

Download the Revver Upload Client

Visit JohnDeere.com to find out about the exciting new lineup of equipment. : John Deere
Nice use of Video (in Flash) to communicate directly with the consumer. Truly the Web has become "CD-ROM on Demand" with "DVD on Demand" coming on strong.

Pew Internet & American Life Project
Pew: Three In Four U.S. Adults Use Web - 04/27/2006: "SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT OF ADULTS IN the U.S. now use the Internet--up from 66 percent in January 2005, according to a new study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The study, based on a survey of around 4,000 adults this year, also found that 42 percent of Americans now have broadband connections at home--up from 29 percent in January 2005."

PumpOne Digital Fitness Trainers for the iPod and Treo
A curiousity ... someday this may look like the 8-track tape of the mid-00's.

You can be like 'Lost's' Dominic Monaghan, left, Naveen Andrews and Michelle Rodriguez and try to solve a mystery.
USATODAY.com - Online is the new box top

Taking an old-school marketing tactic and putting on an interactive twist, Hollywood is turning to games, sweepstakes and contests to create excitement for movies and TV shows.

Monday, ABC announced the Lost Experience, an Internet interactive game based on the hit series, designed to offer clues to the island's mysteries.

Other than notoriety and satiating gaming urges, there's no payoff to the Lost contest. But prizes are central to many Internet-based contests, which hark back to promotions played via snail mail, magazines and cereal boxes.

The image “http://media.xfire.com/content/promotions/axe_gamekillers/images/gkf_logo.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
See them all at Gamekillers.com
Plus ... check out this XFire/Axe-GK Promotion

Viacom buys Xfire: "Xfire is a free, ad-supported (AIM style) application, which has approximately 4 million users. Most of those fall into the male, 14-to-34 age group that makes advertisers break out in ear-to-ear grins. About one-quarter of Xfire's subscribers use the service or are on Xfire's forums for an average of 91 hours a month. Those figures are what led Viacom to pull the trigger on the deal, as it hopes to cash in on the current online advertising binge."

Honda Sponsors Internet Reality Show
TO PROMOTE ITS NEW HATCHBACK, 'The Fit,' Honda will sponsor an original reality show created for the Web.

The show, dubbed 'Cube Fabulous,' focuses on renovating office workers' cubicles. So far, six five-minute episodes have been produced. The first will go live May 15, with a new installment launching every two weeks."

Chinese visitors walk past the Microsoft booth at the China International Software Expo 2005 in Beijing June 15, 2005. Microsoft Corp. signed a deal with China on Wednesday to purchase $700 million of Chinese electronic hardware over the next five years, the latest move by the software giant in the fast-growing mainland market. (Claro Cortes IV/Reuters)
Microsoft plans to buy videogame-ad company
"Microsoft Corp (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) plans to pay $200 million to $400 million for Massive Inc., a privately held company that places ads in videogames, the Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday.

The deal to buy the two-year-old start-up highlights the increasing importance of advertising in nontraditional media, the report said."

2007 Honda Fit - Society of Fit - Official Honda Web Site
Rich media meets Manga for the new teenie-weenie Honda. I received an html e-mail and clicked through to the site. They've embedded the car in Gran Turismo and are running a "Win an XBox 360" promo on the site. Also, the Master Mode game demonstrates the new car's large cargo capacity via a casual game. We just missed an event tour with live music (the CHI event featured Red Walls).

Clickatell Bulk SMS Gateway
Clickatell is the world's leading provider of Bulk SMS messaging services and SMS Gateway connectivity with reliable coverage to 569 networks in 183 countries worldwide. We offer our customers access to a secure, dependable, high capacity messaging platform. Clickatell products are available free of charge you only pay per message.

TV Week
Fox Introduces Ad-Supported 'Prison Break' Mobisodes

Fox Introduces Ad-Supported 'Prison Break' Mobisodes: Fox said Monday it has created the first-ever ad-supported scripted mobisodes, short episodes of programs that are viewed on cellphones. The programming, "Prison Break: Proof of Innocence," will be sponsored by Toyota.

ABC to Launch `Lost' Interactive Game - Yahoo! News
"The 'Lost Experience' will be Internet-based and will feature a parallel story line that is not part of the TV show.

It will begin May 2 in the United Kingdom, May 3 in the U.S. and May 6 in Australia. There is no winning prize, but the experience will offer clues that could unlock some of the island's many secrets."

Nielsen BuzzMetrics

Delicious Library
Nice looking Web site. Great software.

Google To Charge For API Use - 04/20/2006
This is important. But I need someone to explain a few of the finer points to me.

UPN.com Bows Clickable "Top Model" Video
UPN.com is hosting an interactive version of the Tyra Banks-hosted show's weekly beauty challenge, where fans can scroll across video and then click on products, models, and other items they wish to learn more about.

[ Interactive video production featuring "v-click" by Avant Interactive.]

The site (www.upn.com/shows/top_model6) is sponsored by various Procter & Gamble brands, including CoverGirl makeup, Pantene hair care, and Secret deodorant and antiperspirant.

Just last month, Avant entered into a similar partnership with NBC to promote its daytime soap "Passions." Fans were encouraged to click on different items within short video offerings to receive more detailed information about the show's characters, special promotions, and product information, as well as clues about the show's mystery plot line.


Nokia to unveil new multimedia phones Tues -sources
"The world's largest cellphone maker Nokia (NOK1V.HE) will unveil new multimedia phone models, including an N73 camera phone, at an event in Berlin next week, sources close to the company told Reuters."

NBC, Affiliates Form National Broadband Co. a.k.a. NBBC
"The new company, majority owned by NBC, will develop ways to monetize video aggregated from NBC’s affiliates, NBC’s library, or user-created content through syndication or through a portal on the Web."

Yahoo Rolls Out New Web-Mail Service
"The service offers users drag-and-drop e-mail organization and an integrated Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader that provides easy access to breaking news, blog entries, and other feeds directly through the e-mail interface."
Here's a good case for how RSS will be integrated into consumer e-mail experiences. Adoption of RSS remains slow. I believe it's due to lack of easy uses (i.e. make it as easy as e-mail or downloading a song and it's going to grow).

A screen shows Internet services available through a broadband-connected TiVo digital video recorder at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada January 5, 2006. CNET Networks on Monday said it will launch 'CNET TV', a new video on demand network over cable, on digital video recorders made by TiVo and on the Internet as it broadens its reach to viewers. REUTERS/Steve Marcus
New Technology May Force TV Ad Viewing - Yahoo! News
"A patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office says researchers of the Netherland-based consumer electronics company have created a technology that could let broadcasters freeze a channel during a commercial, so viewers wouldn't be able to avoid it."
... And consumers will put up with this because ???

ClickZ Network : Solutions for Marketers

Building Loyalty Via Mobile Devices

What's Your Pop Secret? Theater
A foldout triple spread print ad ran in Entertainment Weekly for this rich media Web site that hosts a series of spots by "independent filmmakers" commissioned by Pop Secret popcorn.


Kodak Uploads Customizable TV Spot
"Create Your Own"
It's a Kodak spot—but the Kodak moments are all yours. Ogilvy & Mather has created a unique experience at Kodak.com which allows visitors to import up to five of their own photos into an online gallery. The photos can then be used to edit a personalized version of the newest 60-second TV spot, complete with the viewer's very own pics. Each fledgling commercial director's masterpiece can then be shared with friends and family via an emailed link that remains active for 30 days.


Flippies Custom Flip Books - Creative Promotional Marketing Tools
Hey look ... analog interactive multimedia technology ... for today!

Discover a smarter and easier way to shop with ScanZOOM
Here's another cell phone camera bar code shopping comparison vendor.

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MusicID - Cingular Wireless
Remember that bit about how your cell phone can "recognize" a song? Looks like it's been picked up by Cingular.

AskMeNow - So, what do you want to know?
Once you sign up , simply call or text message your question and the answer is sent directly to your cell phone within moments. It's that simple!

It's JerryTime!
It’s JerryTime!
One of my fave iTunes free video podcasts has been nominated for an Emmy! (See below.)

Press Release: Daytime Emmy Nominees (non-traditional)
Videos: http://www.emmyonline.org/emmy/daytime_new_media_nominations.html#videos
The Emmy Awards added a category for "Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms." (Spock would say, "Fascinating.")

Ha! Women Are Totally SO TOO Gamers!
GameDaily BIZ: The news source for video game industry professionals: "A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association indicates that there are many more women gamers in the 25-34 demographic than males, largely because of the popularity of the casual games market, with card games like solitaire (pictured) and puzzle games like Tetris. "

AtomFilms Launches Mobile Video Channel with Verizon's VCAST
"Atom Entertainment, Inc., the broadband entertainment leader, and Verizon Wireless, operator of the nation’s first wireless broadband network, announced today a multi-year exclusive agreement to bring AtomFilms? original short-form entertainment to V CAST customers. An AtomFilms mobile video channel will debut in May as part of V CAST’s basic entertainment programming."

TV's Flexible Future - CBS News

Still a prototype. But this flexible screen technology is being developed for TV, portable videogaming, point-of-sale signage and more. Worth tracking for advertising use.
Next ... add city-wide WiFi (also called WiMax) and you've got On Demand TV anywhere, anytime.

First came the wiki. Now there's ziki. "Ziki connects people based on who they are, what they're interested in and what they're looking for." All right. That's perfectly clear! Huh?!?


Former DoubleClick execs introduce an online shopping engine with "wiki"-tude, i.e. the user-generated mindset. Given the relatively lame status of Google's Froogle, there's room in this space for a start up. Note: you can IM a search. Nice touch.

McDonald's Tulsa Market Goes Mobile

Bacardi to Sponsor Online and Mobile Radio Service

Bacardi B Live Radio will stream exclusive music content 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Internet and directly through mobile phones. The content will include Bacardi-sponsored concerts and events. The service launches next month in the U.S. and London.

Online advertising magazine c/o Stephen

Podcasts Calling
Indeed, a shift is afoot in the usage of podcasts, which are home-brewed audio or video broadcasts of everything from rap to religious services. Long tied to PCs or iPods (hence the name), podcasting fans are moving on to mobile phones, which increasingly boast more computer-like features.

Plus, new software recently available from outfits such as Pod2Mobile and UpSnap allows users of basic phone models to download and listen to podcasts wirelessly, cutting the PC and portable music player out of the equation.

Cingular Identifies Music
Dying to know the name of that cool tune on the radio? Dial #43 on your Cingular phone, hold the phone up to the speaker, and the company will text you the name of the piece you have trouble identifying. All for $0.99. Wonder if it works with commercials. -- Cingular MusicID

Note: I posted info on this service on this blog almost a year ago. It's found its way to the major providers slowly. It's begging for a promotional and/or experiential marketing twist.

This is one heck of a big ad. No wonder. It's Australian. And it's for beer! But seriously ... it showcases a streaming video format that fills your screen. Quite impressive. And the spot is brilliant!

Steven Spielberg speaks to the media backstage at the 58th Annual Directors Guild Awards in Century City, California January 28, 2006. (Fred Prouser/Reuters)
Spielberg joins Fox network for reality TV show
Director Steven Spielberg has joined with the Fox television network for his first reality show, an "American Idol"-like contest to find the nation's next great filmmaker, Fox said on Thursday.

Spielberg, the Oscar-winning director behind "Saving Private Ryan" and "Schindler's List," will develop the new Fox show, "On the Lot," with Mark Burnett, the producer of such TV reality hits as "Survivor" and "The Apprentice."

The upcoming series, slated to air sometime in the 2006-07 broadcast season, will pit a group of aspiring filmmakers in competition for a Hollywood development deal on the lot of DreamWorks, the studio Spielberg co-founded.

File this under reasons why NASA loves Maxim. To celebrate its 100th issue, Maxim and the Las Vegas Convention and Vistors Authority constructed a 75 x 110 feet cover in the Las Vegas desert that can be seen from space on Google Earth and passing airplanes. The cover features Maxim Hot 100 winner Eva Longoria and coincides with the April 7 - 9 celebration at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Country Club. Eva can be found in the desert area near the Primm Valley Casino Resorts, 35 minutes south of Las Vegas, and will stick around for a few weeks.

Sandi Thom
Singer tours world from basement
This is how the Internet works. You do something kind of unique that maybe others are doing, but if you've got an angle that begins to get some attention and the audience finds you ... and the audience extends to others via WOM ... then you get a recording contract! This young woman began webcasting herself singing and strumming from her own basement. People liked it. They told other people. Now RCA Records signed her.

From Iconoculture:
You may have heard about YouTube and the viral video craze that's become one of the hottest Internet trends since the birth of social networking sites.

Two major viral video portals you may not know of yet are Channel 101 and Channel 102. Think of these sites as the localized, viral video equivalents to American Idol. Here's how it works: anyone can submit a TV show pilot (up to five minutes long). Every month the shows are screened for live audiences in Los Angeles (Channel 101) and New York (Channel 102), and viewers can vote on which shows to renew and which shows to cancel.

The top five shows then become the prime time lineup, while the losing shows are cancelled forever. At the next month's viewing, the prime time shows test new episodes against a new selection of pilots, and so on.

Currently, the biggest success story is a series called Yacht Rock, that's become an underground hit with over 300,000 downloads. Created by four clever Michigan natives, the satirical comedy pays homage to a different smooth sounding late 70s/early 80s track (think Hall and Oates, Doobie Brothers, Kenny Loggins, etc.) each episode.

The show has become so popular that the term "yacht rock" has entered the music lexicon, with a mention in a New York Times review of the new Steely Dan album and a Wikepedia entry.

There are rumors that the Yacht Rock creators have been asked to do work for big brands, and that they have some even bigger plans brewing for the future.

With people increasingly looking for creative control in the content they consume, these sites are setting a stage for a trend that real TV should sit up and pay close attention to because what audiences really want to see may already be out there.

Zinio: Download BusinessWeek, Elle, PC Mag & more Now!

The Zinio Reader is a desktop app for Mac and/or Windows. It lets you view digital versions of popular magazines. The pages appear to "flip" on screen. You can print pages and articles in color. Plus multimedia elements such as video, links and animations can be embedded in the pages of the publication.

Many business titles are offered with free subscriptions. Titles include PC Magazine, Macworld, AutoWeek, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, FHM, Popular Mechanics, Kiplinger, Budget Living, CosmoGirl, Cycle World, Premiere, The Sporting News, Car and Driver, Harvard Business Review and more.