26MM Monthly Unduplicated Audience on What?!?!

MediaPost Publications - Meebo Adds IM Network Partners - 10/14/2008
Instant-messaging site Meebo has added nearly a dozen new partners for the syndicated IM service it plans to launch next month. The new sites include youth-oriented properties FanPop, GlobalGrind, OrangeShark and Zorpia.

Along with existing partners such as DanceJam, Flixster, myYearbook, MTV Networks' Addicting Games, the sites have an unduplicated U.S. audience of 26.2 million.


So you're asking yourself: What the heck is Meebo?! It's a web-based instant messaging aggregator. In other words, if you use more than one IM -- such as AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Gtalk, etc. -- then you can sign up with Meebo and use them all at the same time, crisscrossing your buddy lists, on the Web. (If you're older than 35 years old, this is a foreign language. Sorry.)

Now ... name one print publication that delivers an audience of 26MM per month.

Right. Now that's (at least partly) why CosmoGirl has gone bye-bye.

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