Tough S*** ... The Convergence Also Has Casualties ...

Reactrix shutters — but interactive ads are still coming to a floor near you » VentureBeat

Reactrix Systems, a company specializing in interactive projected advertisements in malls and movie theaters, has folded despite $75 million in venture backing. Last month, the Redwood City, Calif. company spent what remained of a $45 million fourth-round of funding received in 2006, and has so far been unable to sell off its technology and other assets, reports VentureWire.


I found myself recommending solutions by Monster Media and others over Reactrix time and again in both agency and client meetings. I must not have been alone. The Reactrix solutions seemed stuck in "one trick pony" status. Another indie developer SIA Interactive from Argentina with a large US operation out of Miami has produced far more inventive installations for major brands such as Coca-Cola. And Reactrix -- no offense -- never seemed to rise to that bar.

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