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MediaPost Publications More Entertainment on Computer Than TV for Millenials 01/29/2009
According to Deloitte's State of the Media Democracy survey, three-quarters of Millennials (ages 14 to 25) view the computer as more of an entertainment device than their television. Ed Moran, Deloitte director of product innovation, notes that "This (early-adopter) generation of consumers was the first to be raised on the Internet and is united across borders and cultures by their digital media preferences, so the implications for global marketers are unprecedented."

Across five surveyed countries, Millennials are the most active in gaming, music and Internet use for socializing:

* 80% of Millennials are regularly searching, downloading and listening to music over the Internet
* 73% are also regularly socializing online (via social networking sites, chat rooms or message boards)
* 59% of Millennials use their mobile phone as an entertainment device, versus an average of 33% of all consumers.
* Millenials are spending one-third less time watching their television than are other generations.


I hope I'm not alone in feeling alarmed by these numbers. Don't get me wrong. I'm so pleased to see the convergence finally come to fruition. But I'm afraid that most agencies and clients are completely unprepared to adjust their assumptions and expectations for marketing their goods, services and brands.

Somebody get Rachel Maddow to talk me down ...

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