Patience Young Skywalker ... Social Media's Death Is A Mistaken Forecast ...

Cisco adds social networking to its forte | Digital Media - CNET News
Scheinman believes that social networking is the most important way for marketers and big media companies to reach consumers. Consumers are using sites such as YouTube and Facebook to share media, like videos, music and pictures. He also believes that media companies can combat piracy by offering fans an interactive experience through their own branded Web sites.

"In many ways digital destroys the value proposition for media," Scheinman said. "Other people can rip off the content and monetize it, aggregate it, and take pennies for it."

"Eos offers the answer to this," he explained. "If media companies allowed people to interact with the music or the video and do some things it with it, it enhances the experience and makes the brand more powerful. Eos won't stop piracy entirely. But at the very least it lets the media companies put up a fight by allowing the audience to participate."

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