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MediaPost Publications: "VoIP Firm Launches New Ad Platform
INTERNET TELEPHONY FIRM GLOBE7 TODAY will launch a new version of its downloadable VoIP and video service that will include an ad platform with geo-targeting. The company's new application, Globe7 Plus (click to view a demo), combines voice-over-IP service with a video library of news, sports, and entertainment content; users can earn free credits on the VoIP service by watching the ad-supported videos.

Advertisers that have signed on to sponsor the videos include WalMart, American Express, Ford Direct, Sony BMG, Amazon, Ameriquest, Target,, and Disney. With the launch of the new platform, marketers can target to users based not only on demographic and psychograhic data--offered by the company's previous platform--but also based on the countries or regions users place calls to and the content they view. -- Shankar Gupta"

The design of the Globe7 VOIP client is doofy. Really ... And it forces you to click three times just to make a call (vs. Skype or AIM ease-of-use). The company site displays a counter of downloads that is greater than 17 million to date. Still, this smells like a gimmick to me.

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