Casual gaming is still the next, next big thing ...

Future Bright for Ad-Supported Casual Gaming - MarketingVOX
Casual gamers are serious about their gameplay, with 28 percent reporting they clock more than nine sessions per week - and 32 percent of those sessions lasting at least an hour, according to last year's survey.

Some highlights of the current casual-gaming survey:

* Some 83 percent of survey participants - casual gamers - are willing to view a 30-second ad in order to play a game for free.

* 53 percent are willing to purchase the game only after they have played with a trial version. Of this segment, 54 percent say they would decide whether they are willing to purchase a game within 60 minutes of play time.

* The percentage of survey participant that rely on promotional emails for more information about new games rose from 14 percent last year to 34 percent.

* The percentage of survey participants that use gaming websites to find out about new games rose from 28 percent to 45 percent.

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