Online Video, Social Networking to Drive Global Digital Lifestyle · MarketingVOX
Online video activities are outpacing the growth in popularity of other digital media, while social networking is quickly becoming the dominant online behavior globally, according to the latest "Face of the Web," Ipsos Insight's annual study of Internet and Technology trends, writes MarketingCharts.

Internet users have grown accustomed to streaming and downloading music in the past three years, and now it's apparently online video's turn.

Participation in online video activities is climbing quickly in many developed markets of the world, and that growth is most prevalent within the US, Ipsos said.

Well over one-third (36 percent) of recent adult US Internet users have watched a TV show or other video stream online, compared with 28 percent at the end of 2005, and three-quarters of those users have done so in the previous 30 days, Ipsos found.


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