Bluetooth to piggyback on Wi-Fi - Yahoo! News

Let's embrace complexity for a moment; it may lead to clarity. When the FCC flips the HDTV switch in one short year, several technologies will converge to forever change our media experience at home. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth working together only increase the - big word warning - INTEROPERABILITY of heretofore dis-connected devices.

So, what's that mean? Your TV will get HD content over the airwaves. An AppleTV or Tivo box will let you record your shows. Simultaneously, that device's Wi-Fi will let you rent movies, purchase movies, buy TV shows and season passes, watch online videos (via iTunes or Amazon). Then, Bluetooth will let you transfer content between your TV and phone and/or PC.

Magically, the whole process works in the other direction - from your digital camera, digital camcorder and/or digital phone.

What's this all mean for advertisers? Exponential increase in potential advertising inventory. Many more surfaces upon which to run ads. But ... with an exponential diffusion of the audience. Therefore, all media is becoming like the Internet - a "mass medium" of myriad niches.

Is this the end of advertising as we know it? Or the beginning of a renaissance in consumer advertising as we know it?

Linking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi may make it easier and faster to transfer large amounts of music between computers and cell phones, or send pictures from a camera phone to a printer, or video from a camcorder to a TV.
Bluetooth to piggyback on Wi-Fi - Yahoo! News

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