Attack of the APIs

Over the past few months, we've seen some compelling uses of these APIs for marketing-related mashups. ClickZ columnist Ian Schafer's agency put together a mash-up with Google Maps that let fans of HBO's The Sopranos re-visit some of the places and events in the gangster show's past seasons. Nike put together a Google Maps app to plot running routes for its Run London community. And more recently, General Mills' Nature Valley granola bar brand asked nature-lovers "Where's Yours?" on a site that uses a mapping interface similar to Google's.

On Monday, AOL took the wraps off its "open AIM" strategy. It lets people create sites and services that tap into the instant messaging client's functionality and its 63 million active worldwide user base. The next day, the company continued its streak by releasing an API for its MapQuest property. Not to be outdone, Yahoo! Tuesday announced plans to deliver four new APIs in the coming months that will allow developers, and the marketers that work with them, to tap into Yahoo! Photos, Calendar, MyWeb and Shopping. This on top of the company's existing APIs, including those for its Web 2.0 properties Flickr,, Webjay and

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