The Original WHOPPERETTES™ - Have It Your Way?
I love a couple of things about this site. First, it's a "DVD on demand" visual interface metaphor (all the way down to the details like the curtain reveals between sections). Second is the fact that in the BONUS MATERIAL section, then inside the MUSIC sub-section, there's a GARAGEBAND download (a mere 81 megabytes mind you) that lets us young, savvy Macintosh-lovin' creative types completely remix the music eight ways to Sunday (Garageband is Apple's amateur music recording and mixing software). A disappointing convergence feature is in the MOBILE sub-section for SPRINT TV; the problem being you can't dynamically initiate the mobile phone content via this interface. That's too bad. Just printing instructions on a Web page is kind of disappointing in this day and age. I got the RING TONE and it's pretty awful. (Tin eared sound quality, actually.) Of course, I'm waxing poetic about this site's amazing greatness; but you still can't pay me to chomp down one of those sandwiches.

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