Brilliant Self-Promo Site by an Ad Agency - Modernista!

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"... If you Google Modernista and click on the first result, which happens to be, the search-engine results page will reload with a cryptic red navigation overlay in the upper right corner.
A flashing alert appears, which says “Don’t be alarmed. You are on the new Modernista! site.” If you point your cursor to “ab.ou.t,” you can choose to visit the agency’s Wikipedia entry or Facebook profile. Or you can choose to bookmark Modernista on one of several Web 2.0 bookmark and sharing services.

If you select “work” on the Google results page, you can choose to view Modernista’s print portfolio on Flickr, television work on YouTube, or Web work on
If you select “n3wz,” you’ll be taken to Modernista’s search engine results page on Google News. Finally, selecting “cont@ct” in the navigation menu will provide direct links to the agency’s addresses on Google Maps, email, as well as AIM and Skype."

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