Study: C-Level Execs Shift to Internet over Newspapers for Business Info

E&P reports on a study that shows C-level execs are reaching a tipping point in how they consumer news.
Study: C-Level Execs Shift to Internet over Newspapers for Business Info

A and Gartner Study has discovered a 37% increase in C-Level and senior management executives who choose the Internet over newspapers as their No. 1 source of business information.

Consumption of newspapers as the No. 1 source among this segment is down 36%.

Among the study’s findings:

The Internet continues to be the most influential and important source of business information for C-Level executives around the world, at 67%. This number has increased 37% since 2004.

Before starting the work day, C-Level executives prefer to access the Web rather than read the newspaper. The number of C-Level executives who prefer the Internet first thing in the morning has increased 22% since 2004, while those who prefer to read the newspaper first thing in the morning has declined 11% over the same time period.

C-Level executives consume media on the Web more than any other medium (TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers), at 41%.

“This study further underscores our belief that the highly desirable C-Level executive audience will continue to increase its use of the Internet as a primary source of business information, while newspaper consumption for business purposes will continue to decline,” Jim Spanfeller, CEO and President of, said in a statement.
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