The Winning Online Branding Strategy

Too often, we advertisers focus on the fact that online advertising is so deliciously measurable that we forget what it is we really want to measure. Because of this, we optimize for the wrong metrics, putting us on the wrong sites and networks. Would it meet your goal to have campaigns that have a wide reach but end up hurting your brand? Take low cost, direct response campaigns for example. It's great to spend low for each customer acquisition. However, if you are a high-end fashion brand, showing up on every site out there, including alongside questionable content in social media sites, could hurt your brand equity. Your goal may not be to reach as many potential buyers as can be.
MediaPost Publications - The Winning Online Branding Strategy - 06/12/2008

I was talking about this exact issue yesterday in a client meeting. It takes a great deal of patience and effort to sort through these issues. Our work culture - both on the agency and client sides -- doesn't yet allow us to take that time. Or to take it seriously. Until we change, we will only fall farther behind.
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