Screen shot of the Relakks website
BBC NEWS | Technology | File-sharing 'darknet' unveiled
Ooooo ... this is exceptionally cool. Just when you thought illegal file sharing might quiet down, along comes a new wave that's just so, so, so Star Wars in a dark-side-of-the-force kind of way. Read on ...

"A "darknet" service that allows users to share music files anonymously on the web has been launched in Sweden.

Relakks, as the service is known, allows users to send and receive files through a heavily-encrypted connection.

It is the first commercial example of a darknet, a virtual network set up to share files between trusted users." ... plus ...

"A darknet is a cordoned-off, anonymised section of the net where users can meet, chat and swap data.

Usually darknets are confined to small tight-knit groups such as hackers who use the secure connections to distribute information and hacking tools."

... but ... "They have also been used by paedophiles to distribute images of child abuse." ... which is decidely NOT cool.

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