How Viral Videos "Go Viral"
Commercial viral videos are helped along by a variety of techniques.
Most above board, but some can be fairly snarky. The most common is simply a digital version of "repping" the content
to social media gatekeepers in order to attain “featured” placements.
It’s not PR, though it comes close.

I like to compare it to being a
rock band manager. It’s the Ruben Kincaid Effect. Your “viral” video is
The Partridge Family. They need to play a bunch of gigs in far off
towns to gain a toehold with a disinterested audience via a limited
number of venues. So, Ruben calls the booking agent. He needs to give
away a free sample in the form of a demo tape. And if the agent finds
the Partridge’s content to be compatible with his “editorial vision”
for his audience, then he puts the band on the bill. By virtue of being
given such high-profile placement, the Partridge Family “goes viral.”
(Yes, I made that up myself.)

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