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Teens would seemingly be the prime target for mobile advertising, be it via text messages or the mobile Web, but research from comScore reveals that while U.S. kids ages 12-17 are cell phone-savvy, they are not particularly receptive to mobile ads. In fact, the relative simplicity of their phones and the fact that nearly 70% of teens need their parents to pay the bill (and thus, green-light extras like data plans) makes them poor campaign targets.
MediaPost Publications - Mobile Teens: Savvy, Chatty And Don't Like Ads - 08/29/2008

Articles like this one make me unhappy. I want and want and want to sell mobile campaigns to my agency clients because I genuinely believe the platform can make an impact. But the metrics make it tough. How much to spend? What's going to be the ROI? How to test the most effective messaging? Interestingly, if teens aren't exactly the best target, maybe Mom is.
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