Mall Advertising Goes Digital


It’s not unusual to hear those in the business compare the growth of out-of-home digital with the growth of the Internet. “We’re starting to get past the point where the Internet was circa 1995, where we had a new set of technologies introduced to the marketplace,” says Mike Ribero, CEO of Reactrix Systems, a six-year-old interactive OOH media company. “We have technology now that engages a consumer in a way that allows that last impression, that last line of offense, to be as persuasive, if not even more so, than other kinds of media.”
Mall Advertising Goes Digital

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I believe all mass media will migrate OOH while all personal media will migrate indoors. Eventually the only way to reach a large audience with a single "broadcast" will be to roll video at a large stadium or massive public event. Otherwise the rest of our screens will be completely under our "on demand" control. This ought to be common sense by now.
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