Another video microsite

Here's a Microsoft microsite for it Forefront™ product rollout, probably produced by MRM Partners but maybe not, that continues to build on the "shave everywhere" phenomenon. It's a seamless, full-stage (the viewable "stage" area is in 16:9 format and trumps navigation and other typical "interface" elements as the focal point of the "user experience").

First, I saw a video banner that actually let me play with the video vignettes without requiring a click. Nicely done. The creative idea is super, super simple: fighting office ninjas, zombies, space aliens and other baddies is not as easy than fighting hackers with MS's new solution.

Is this a Cannes winner? Maybe not so much. But I wouldn't kick it out of my book.


  1. on the otherhand, it's pretty frustrating that I have to go back to the beginning, each time i want to proceed to the next step. Looks like the marketing team strikes again.

    Would you have noted this site if it had no banjo music?


  2. Well, actually I noted it because it's got a narrative style. Oversimplified, yes. Little sketch-like vignettes that try ... key word here: try ... to get a funny going.

    Another flaw is that every storyline ends the same. Once you suss out the predictable result, the story deflates.

  3. Anonymous1:53 AM