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MediaPost Publications - DVR Viewers Are Engaged, Recall Ads, Study Says - 06/15/2007

DVR VIEWERS FAST-FORWARDING THROUGH COMMERCIALS in "Heroes" not only watched what was going on, but increased their engagement and focus as the spots progressed, according to results of Eye-Gaze and Bio-Metrics research revealed yesterday by Alan Wurtzel, president, research & media development, NBC Universal (pictured above).

The research, which measured viewers' eyes, skin response and respiration rate, also showed that viewers paid particular attention to logos at the end of the commercials, Wurtzel said. "Viewers do not turn their emotions off while fast-forwarding commercials," and DVR viewers are "as emotionally engaged as those who watch TV in real time," Wurtzel told a Promax/BDA audience.

In addition, Wurtzel reported, the research found that DVR viewers retained their commercial recall and brand recognition the following day.

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