The NEW Plaxo (or How LinkedIn won the corporate social media skirmish and we had to reposition or die) ...


Plaxo turns address books into Web social networks | Technology | Internet | Reuters

Plaxo, which makes software for PC users to keep address books up-to-date, said on Sunday it is helping millions of members open up their online datebooks to build social networks like MySpace or Facebook.

In a major comeback push by the 6-year-old company, which Silicon Valley insiders see as a forerunner of the social-network craze, Plaxo has created the first Web service to share data between major address and calendar programs.

With Plaxo 3.0, as the new service is known, consumers can synchronize address books and calendar data locked up inside Microsoft Outlook, Googleand Yahoo services, Apple Macintosh computers, Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail and many mobile phones.

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