More evidence of the TV-Net convergence ...

DIRECTV - Game Lounge

Game Lounge is your one-stop game shop with everything from casual puzzle and word games to challenging, skill-based games, using one-day and unlimited monthly Game Passes.

I've actually played casual games at home on my 37" TV through Dish Network using just my remote. It may not look earth-shattering, but considering the popularity of casual games among women age 35+, this is important. We're in the stage of this convergence thing now at which we must constantly question our assumptions about which device belongs to what kind(s) of "content."

On a purely practical scale, I'd rather try to run some video advertising for, let's say, a packaged food brand via DirecTV's casual gaming "interface" than the eensy-weensy screens on Yahoo! Games. Wouldn't you?

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