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The problem with open frontiers is that the people seeking to colonize them, to borrow a quote from Ms. South Carolina, simply "don't have maps." Which is why, almost two years after lonelygirl15, no Web series has established a viable, let alone profitable homestead.But this week, more wagons are arriving.

On Monday, Sony Pictures Television launched C-Spot, an online comedy channel featuring six sharply produced programs with enough short episodes to fill a 13-week season.And today, it's Jessica Rose herself. The almost-21-year-old actress from New Zealand will soon return to the online world as the star of "Blood Cell," a new horror-thriller from Web TV studio 60Frames Entertainment, directed by Eduardo Rodriguez. The show, whose trailer went up Tuesday night at deadcelldeadfriend.com, follows Rose's character, Julia, as she contends with an unseen murderer who will talk to her only via her fancy photo- and video-enabled cellphone. Which hopefully gets good reception because, as the name of the website suggests, if Julia's signal goes dead, a blond somewhere gets it.

Going along with the conventional wisdom about online audience-building, C-Spot and 60Frames will "syndicate" their shows, allowing them to play on several platforms. C-Spot shows will appear on Sony's Crackle, Hulu and AOL Video, while 60Frames can be seen on Bebo, Blip.tv, iTunes, MySpace and others. And everyone's on YouTube.

Revenue-sharing deals allow the creators to get a piece of the advertising pie no matter where their shows get watched.
Hiking the trail blazed by lonelygirl - Los Angeles Times
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