St. Ives Puts 'Happy Face' on Aging

Here's a case study in how to reach busy, grown-up women without relying on a media diet of TV, TV and TV.

Print ads in publications like Style, Us and People and online ads running on sites such as InStyle, iVillage and Epicurious direct women to a campaign site, There, EVB combined product research information with portable digital content. Each product is paired with a widget or piece of content that fits with its purpose. For instance, the St. Ives protective cleanser information also includes a downloadable desktop weather widget that shows users the sun-intensity for the day. The warming scrub has an offer for a getaway weekend sweepstakes. The olive cleanser information offers bedtime happy-thoughts text messages. Other content includes a widget tracking personal goals, workout guide and e-card to thank friends and family.
St. Ives Puts 'Happy Face' on Aging
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