The Ad Changes With the Shopper In Front of It -

Procter & Gamble is placing radio-frequency identification tags on products at a Metro Extra retail store in Germany so that when a customer pulls the product off the shelf, a digital screen at eye level changes its message.


Most of the experimentation by marketers is being done with the new digital screens that are appearing next to cash registers and in store aisles. Because cameras are embedded in many of these digital screens displaying the ads, marketers are hoping to serve up ads based on the consumer's appearance.
The Ad Changes With the Shopper In Front of It -

Yeah?!? Well a buddy of mine did that two years ago ... Oh. Sorry. Um. Digital screens in public spaces are getting smarter. We like that. But as the second 'graph attest, it's all still "experimentation" and it's hard to find funding for experiments in a down economy. Onward.
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