Museum Of Beauty - A Branded Content Experience

This site is just stunningly lovely. It shows how Konica-Minolta used digitizing instruments to reveal the "secrets" of the Venus de Milo.

Let me restate that: It takes you on an interactive program experience that reveals the secrets of the Venus de Milo through stunning 3D renderings and visual data capture techniques. Underwritten by Konica Minolta to showcase its digitizing instruments that made the experience possible.

The brand touch is just right. Even the music is excellent; sounds like Ryuichi Sakamoto to me. And the interaction design demonstrates what I've long called Depth On Demand.

If you just watch the program straight through, it provides a beautiful experience. If you stop the program here and there -- the first degree of depth -- then you can learn a thing or two that enhance your experience.

But if you click, grab and turn the picture itself, you can control everything you view in a very deep interactive experience. In all cases, you have a wonderful experience that you control. You go as deep as you want and reap the rewards.

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