Controversial columnist Jay Mariotti resigns from Chicago Sun-Times --

Jay Mariotti, the opinionated and polarizing sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, has resigned after 17 years with the paper, he told the Tribune on Tuesday night.

Just back from Beijing, where he covered the Olympics, Mariotti said in a phone interview that he decided to quit after it became clear while in China that sports journalism had become "entirely a Web site business. There were not many newspapers there." He added that most of the journalists covering the Games were "there writing for Web sites."

Mariotti, whose public battles with fellow staffers, team owners, managers, coaches and rival columnists are legendary, didn't disclose any specific plans except to say he will continue doing his regular stint on ESPN's "Around the Horn."

He said he "is talking with a lot of Web sites" and added that the future of his business "sadly is not in newspapers."
Controversial columnist Jay Mariotti resigns from Chicago Sun-Times --

Mark your calendar: Stalwart old media columnist Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun-Times quits because he felt surrounded by cyberjournalists while covering the Beijing Games - says he's going to work for a web site.
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