HBO seen selling shows on Apple's iTunes - Yahoo! News

Time Warner Inc's HBO cable network is expected to start selling shows on Apple Inc's iTunes digital entertainment service, with flexible pricing, a source familiar with the discussions said on Monday.

Episodes of some HBO shows are likely to be sold at more than the standard price of $1.99 per episode, the source said, marking the first time Apple has agreed to selling content at different prices in the United States.
HBO seen selling shows on Apple's iTunes - Yahoo! News

More ranting from me about the impact of HD Day (that's Feb 17, 2009 if you haven't marked your calendar yet). Conspiracy theories aside, the number of content-driven media companies re-positioning themselves for on-demand-all-the-time TV is exploding. To wit, HBO is one of the most successful of the wired era's subscription TV services. Why in the world would they sell shows on iTunes? Because we're only nine months away from going all-digital all-the-time in TV land. Here it comes.
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