HD Day Conspiracy Theory - Update

The set-top box, a necessary appendage for millions of cable television customers for decades, is moving toward extinction.A leading television manufacturer, Sony Electronics Inc., and the National Cable and Telecommunications Association said Tuesday they signed an agreement that will allow viewers to rid themselves of set-top boxes, yet still receive advanced "two-way" cable services, such as pay-per-view movies.In most cases, cable viewers also could dispose of another remote control since they could use their TV's control rather than one tied to the set-top box.
Wired News - AP News

So the cable companies are okay with letting us jettison our horrible set-top boxes. Nice. And once the functionality of receiving, recording, storing and retrieving our favorite programming is encased in the idiot box itself, then we can also receive, record, store and retrive over-the-air HD programs on demand. Cable remains valuable insomuch as it delivers dozens more channels through its pipe. But Xbox Live and Apple TV bring me everything through the Net. Tough call.
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