MediaPost Publications - Clear Channel Taps Reactrix Displays For Airports - 05/06/2008

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Clear Channel Taps Reactrix Displays For Airports - 05/06/2008: "Clear Channel Airports, a division of Clear Channel Outdoor, will have full responsibility for the operation, sales and licensing of Reactrix's StepScape displays for its airport partners. Clear Channel has partnered with most major airports in the country outside New York City, including Chicago O'Hare, Boston Logan, Dallas-Fort Worth Intl., Philadelphia Intl., Phoenix Sky Harbor and San Francisco Intl.

Like its other StepScape displays in malls and other public areas, the Reactrix system will project digital images onto the floors of airport terminals, which attract passersby by responding to their motion. Once engaged, the user is invited to explore the interactive display, controlling it with different gestures that are tracked by motion sensors."

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