"Big Radio" Finally Joins the Convergence

As more and more announcement such as this are made, it's clear that the major players are positioning themselves for a shift in the business model. The pace of change is pushing the media networks to seek answers. So, how are the major agency networks doing?

MediaPost Publications - Clear Channel Launches New Digital Alliances - 05/12/2008
Clear Channel Radio is offering a number of new digital content features at its station Web sites. The first wave of rolling launches began a few weeks ago with Erockster, a new socially mediated online broadcast that tweaks content according to listener ratings. It culminates today with the official unveiling of a new partnership with Gracenote to make song lyrics readily accessible to Web visitors and a deal with Clearspring for widget syndication.

The nation's largest radio group is also announcing a partnership with StudioNow, an online network of video advertising freelancers, to help local advertisers get online.

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