Advergaming Update
The advergaming category has been taking a dive lately. Small audience. Hard to manage. Uncertain ROI. As the channel matures these issues will subside. Meanwhile, incremental steps continue to appear. To wit:

MediaPost Publications - Electronic Arts To Serve In-Game Ads - 09/01/2006: "ELECTRONIC ARTS, THE WORLD'S LARGEST video game publisher, will begin serving ads to players while their games are in progress, thanks to new deals with two ad networks, Massive Inc. and IGA Worldwide.

Massive Inc.--purchased by Microsoft in May--will give Electronic Arts access to Microsoft's popular gaming console, the Xbox 360. That product is the first of the next-generation gaming consoles on the market, ahead of Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii. The other network, IGA Worldwide, will serve ads from its stable of advertisers on one of Electronic Arts' popular PC titles."

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