Wendy's icon Smart, who represents the chain's square hamburger patties, has a MySpace profile.
USATODAY.com - Marketers get their mascots in on action at MySpace: "On MySpace.com, Wendy's (WEN) cartoon marketing mascot Smart has more than 81,000 'friends' who've linked to his page and posted notes such as, 'i luv u.'

In his profile, the Wendy's burger-patty-shaped icon lists metal music, Angelina Jolie and TV show 24 as interests. Favorite nosh: Wendy's bacon mushroom melt. Hero: Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, of course.

Smart is an example of how marketers are riding the online community craze: seeding social-networking sites with faux profiles to connect with consumers.

Sites such as MySpace let users build free profile pages typically filled with their photos and personal information. They can network their profile to another member's by asking to become a 'friend.' Once linked, friends can post comments on each other's pages."

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