Phones and headsets at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, February 14, 2006. Global mobile operators and device makers are betting that the next level of transmission technology will ramp up mobile phone usage in a way that third-generation technology has so far failed to do. (Albert Gea/Reuters)
Mobile companies develop new, faster 4G technology - Yahoo! News: "So-called fourth-generation (4G) mobile technology, now being developed, would allow two-way communication in voice, video and data on a scale that was previously impossible, companies said at a Samsung 4G Forum mobile conference.

4G would allow mobile users on the go to enjoy services that they can now get through personal computers with high-speed broadband connections.

'4G is to deliver high-speed broadband for data- and visual- centric information. Everything before 4G is voice-centric,' said Ali Tabassi, Sprint Nextel Corp. vice president for innovative technology."

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