MyStrands : Company Overview:
Here's a new "Web 2.0" online service/site that makes intelligent recommendations based on its user-base's behavior. In this case ... music. We already know about Pandora, which does the same thing (sort of) but in the guise of a "radio" player. MyStrands asks you to download a stand-alone app to track your music choices then make recommendations as you go along. (The app requires a root-level install that our corporate machines disallow, btw.)

"MyStrands helps us discover new music that we might never think of on our own, such as linking one artist in a genre to another, somebody famous to someone less so but equally deserving. By interconnecting listeners around the world, we build lists that connect us to one another. And in so doing, we not only expand our musical horizons but obtain greater enjoyment from the music we already love."

- Article in BusinessWeek

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