Electronic Arts signs video game ad deals
Electronic Arts Inc. , the world's biggest video game publisher,
said on Thursday it had struck deals with two in-game advertising
providers, taking its first steps into the online advertising business.

Consumer-Written Product Reviews Increase in Importance
More Online Shoppers Demand Them; Analysts Cite Their Growing Marketing

Commentary: Marketing to YouTube Nation
Well, it's official. YouTube has finally revealed how they are going to
monetize their audience. Last week, it announced a new advertising
paradigm using "brand channels" and participatory video ads (PVAs) to
give big-name brands a shot at connecting to this wild and wooly
community of users.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Video
Online video growth is causing marketers such as Anheuser-Busch to
contemplate producing video content for online audiences only.
Meanwhile, video content owners like Disney, CBS, and Fox are testing
new ways to distribute it.

Marketers get their mascots in on action at MySpace
By all accounts, brand mascots should have a profile page on MySpace.
And marketers should deploy their most creative people to come up with
something kitschy and fresh to put on it. Wendy's mascot "Smart," for
example, has more than 81,000 friends who've linked to his page and
posted notes that say "I luv u." Rival Burger King also has a page for
its "king." Columbia Pictures posted a profile for Will Ferrell's
character "Ricky Bobby," the fictional NASCAR racer from the movie
"Talladega Nights."

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