Nielsen: Shoppers Remember, Appreciate Mall Advertising

"Nearly half of mall shoppers (47 percent) viewed content provided on the Adspace Mall Network, and of those viewers, 34 percent had an average recall of specific ads they saw on the network, revealed a new Nielsen Media Research study commissioned by Adspace Networks.

The results show that shoppers viewed the Smart Screens an average of 3.3 times per visit with an average total viewing time of 1.9 minutes (or 114 seconds). During that time, the average length of each view is 34 seconds. With advertisements on the “Smart Screens” lasting 10-15 seconds, each shopper sees nearly three spots per view. By the end of their mall trip, viewers of the Smart Screens will have seen nearly 10 spots on the network."
Nielsen: Shoppers Remember, Appreciate Mall Advertising - Media Buyer Planner

Another example of how "mass media" is moving outside. Personal media will dominate the home and devices. Now, my beef with reports such as this is that they tend not to provide comparative metrics. Is 47 percent good or bad compared to standard mall media?
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