To Save Gas, Shoppers Stay Home and Click -

A number of retailers — including Gap, Victoria’s Secret and J. C. Penney — are experiencing double-digit sales growth at their shopping Web sites, creating a surprising bright spot during an otherwise gloomy time for sales in brick-and-mortar stores.
To Save Gas, Shoppers Stay Home and Click -

The way these things usually go is something like this: change happens slowly, reaches a tipping point and then SHAZAAM! It's off the chart. Big name retailers -- two of which I've worked for in the past two years -- have learned to live with diminished expectations for their online stores. It's common to throw around the anecdote that the entire e-commerce site tallies the sales volume of only one or two superstores (not wholly grounded in fact, but you get the point).

Two important conditions are bringing rapid change to this equation. First, economic necessity is making ecommerce more convenient and budget wise. Second, people are familiar with interactive media now. It's become normal.
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